07 Sep 2012

Videography in Orange County

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Our professional videography services in Orange County are up and running! Whether you need to film your next special event, or your son’s championship game, Videoto Studio is here to help you create a winning video that you can share for a lifetime.

We specialize in filming and producing video in the following areas:

Wedding Videography Orange County

Remember your special day in stunning detail in high-definition. Get your whole wedding professionally produced on our Blu-ray discs, which will be able to be played in any modern Blu-ray player. With multiple photographers and videographers at hand, We can setup multiple cameras for the best shots from around the party. We are flexible to fit almost any size wedding or budget, whether it’s a small ceremony in your backyard or a big extravaganza! We use the latest technology and equipment to make sure your wedding will look stunning in high-definition.

Event Videography Orange County

Whether you’re putting on an event, a celebration, or just a special occasion, Videoto Studio is here to get it all in high-definition video complete with stunning photographs. At Videoto, we are capable of filming just about any type or size of event, from a 5 year old’s superhero themed birthday party to to your family reunion with hundreds attending. We have affordable options for all of our services. Record your event and be able to share it for a lifetime!

Post-Production Orange County

Motion graphics, sound design, pacing, cutting, and rendering are all part of the day to day work of our highly trained in-house editors. We have professional editing workstations in three locations in Southern California (San Diego, Irvine, Los Angeles); you can work one-on-one with whichever editor is the most convenient for you. Whether your photos or footage was shot by us or someone else, our editing doors are open to all. Our editors use the “Sony Vegas” editing platform to help bring your projects to fruition. We can work with both High-Definition and Standard Definition video and offer a wide range of services including slideshows, photo restoration, audio enhancement, titles, etc. The sky is the limit! Please call us to discuss your project.

Sports Videography in Orange County

From baseball games to wrestling tournaments, Videoto Studio has the equipment and experience needed to make a lasting video you can keep and share with family and friends. We’ll capture every second of the action and piece it together to make either a DVD or a Blu-ray that you will be remembered by. Contact us today to set up a consult.

Business Video Production in Orange County

We live in an increasingly digital era where media is part of our lives at every turn, including business. Businesses have much to gain with professional video production and photography such as a unique way to show off a new product or service, or a modern way to present new training material to your associates. We work with businesses to create dynamic and interesting videos and photos to help your business achieve its goals. Do you need training videos to teach, orientation videos to welcome, or photos and video of meetings and conferences? You can hire a Videographer or Photographer to come to you and get a high quality product to be used in your business. Call up the professionals to get professional results.

Advertising Video Production

With all of the commercials, advertisements and promotions in day-to-day life, it’s hard to differentiate your product against the herd of competitors. With Videoto Studio on your side, we can help you produce high-quality video and photos to help elevate your business and products. Our professional staff can help you make your services and products stand out and be memorable. All of our services are designed to get you the best quality commercial media in the most cost effective way possible.

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