Advertising Video Production and Photography

In this “information overload” society we live in now, it’s hard to differentiate your product against the herd of competitors. With Videoto on your side we can help you produce high-quality video and photos to help elevate your business and products. Our professional staff can help you make your services and products stand out and be memorable. All of our services are designed to get you the best quality commercial media in the most cost effective way. We have affordable options for all of our services.
Give a call to a Videoto representative to discuss your project. We will help guide you through the process of creating videos and photos for business. We are experienced in not only the technical aspect of creating media, but also the planning and distribution of media. You tell us what your project is and we will tell you the best way to get it done. We make your project cost efficient and visually effective.
Pricing will vary depending on your wedding circumstances:
Base price: $100 for any Videoto service
One Videographer or One Photographer – $100/hr on-site
Additional Videographer or Photographer – +$75/hr on site (per person)
Post/Editing – $80 per hour
DVD MASTER (Artwork Included): $30
BLU-RAY MASTER (Artwork Included): $60
(Minimum Order is $400)
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Affordable options for all of our services.

High-Definition Production, your videos and photos will look great!

Experienced and reliable videographers and photographers

You can work with an editor one on one!


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Show off a little; let your clients see your products and services in the best light. We can help you create effective high quality videos and photos for all of your advertising needs.

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