Top Rated HD Camcorders for 2012

HD’s higher resolution, broader color space, and advanced compression algorithms have opened the door for a substantial improvement in video quality, even for the most prosaic of home movies. Though prices for consumer models hover well above the budgets of many wanna-haves, as more units trickle into the market in 2007 we expect the prices.. read more →

Videography in Orange County

Our professional videography services in Orange County are up and running! Whether you need to film your next special event, or your son’s championship game, Videoto Studio is here to help you create a winning video that you can share for a lifetime. We specialize in filming and producing video in the following areas: Wedding.. read more →

Recording Your Event on Blu-ray vs. DVD

Why put your event on Blu-ray? The technology used by videographers has certainly advanced leaps and bounds in just the last few years. For instance, if you were to get married ten years ago you would have received your special day on a VHS tape. 5 years ago most videographers would give their clients a.. read more →

Videography Tips: 6 Secrets To Become a Professional Videographer

Know Your Camcorder The best method you can employ to make sure you know what you’re doing is to know your equipment inside and out. Make sure you read the manual and any online documentation you can find about your particular camcorder model. Fumbling around with the camera during any particular moment could ruin the.. read more →

History of the Different Types of Consumer Camcorders

Video cameras have been in high demand across the world since the development of video. Throughout the past couple decades, there’s been several different models and sizes of cameras and many different formats to choose from. One of the first video cameras available was the Betamax and VHS camcorders. Both of these formats were battling.. read more →

What is Videography?

The word combines “video” from Latin, meaning “I see” or “I apprehend”, with the Greek terminal ending “graphy”, meaning “to write”. Its contemporary sense is rooted in an article titled “Videography” What Does It All Mean? (American Cinematographer, October 1972). Videography is the process of capturing moving images on electronic media such as video tape,.. read more →

Videoto Studio Site Launch

Welcome to, we are in the process of launching the website! read more →